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For a routine workout at the gym, layer pieces as needed depending on what is comfortable or tolerable in the moments you will find yourself outside. Pairing leggings with a tank is perfect for an intense workout indoors, while bringing along a light jacket for before and after. If you drive to the gym, a light jacket may suffice, for instance. However, if you walk or take public transportation, you may consider layering and carrying a gym bag to store those extra layers afterwards when you still feel warm from your workout.

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Forever 21 graphic leggings.jpg  Gym jacket  Black-sneakers.jpeg  Nike pegasus  water bottle stainless steel.jpg  beats headphones.jpg

Outfit Idea

Outfit 2

This is another example of an outfit perfect for working out indoors. A jacket that becomes a turtleneck when zipped all the way is highly versatile allowing for additional coverage during cooler temperatures (which can be worn under a heavier coat, such as a puffer jacket).  Notice these leggings do not have any mesh panels or cutouts, which make it extra warm for cooler weather. Also, consider wearing leg warmers if the temperature outside drops significantly. You can always remove these indoors once you warm up during your workout. Headphones are also an essential part of a workout routine to tune out others and also for covering your ears when it is chilly (doubling as earmuffs).

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olive leggings ca415184eeb2e1e7aac36642e10fe6a1_best.jpg Puffer Jacket.jpg leg warners.jpgolive-headphones.jpg Sneakers rose.jpg

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What to wear to a yoga studio? The type of leggings you will choose will depend on the weather conditions. An increasing variety of leggings nowadays can be found with mesh panels and cut out details. Steer clear of these if it is too cold outside for tights or pair them with leg warmers for extra layers of warmth. A long sleeve active top that is breathable and has moisture-wicking technology is ideal for a cooler day. Of course, layer as necessary if you will be exposed to cold temperatures outside. To maintain your head warm, add a beanie to your outfit, which can be easily removed during your workout. Also, remember to stay hydrated no matter how cold it is outside.

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leggings black  Top    Top 2  Swell bottle.jpg  beanie.jpg

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Outfit 4

What to wear when running in the cold? Lululemon’s Toasty Tech Tight II is made from fabric designed to keep muscles warm during cold-weather training. These leggings are especially designed for this activity, which is important to note. For safety and comfort, it is crucial to purchase items that have been specifically designed for the conditions in which you will be exposed. Pay close attention to the fabrics used and conduct research if these are unfamiliar. The Run Fast Gloves from Lululemon have a foldable hood that adds an extra layer of warmth to your fingers and is also water-resistant. When running in the cold, you will want to protect your ears by wearing headband earwarmers. Sufficient layering while not overheating is a tricky balance to maintain. The Wooly Wonder turtleneck from Lululemon is a high quality option for a base layer. This can be worn over a fitted tank or sports bra. Consider a water-repellent jacket like this one from Nike that is light enough for a run, but perfect for a cold, rainy day.

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Headband Jacket 1.jpg Jacket f21.jpgsneakers.jpeg Gloves.jpg headphones.jpg





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Training outfit

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Victorias secret black leggings    Red workout tank  Gray VS sports bra

Nike black sneakers     Red Herschel duffel      Apple Watch

H2O water bottle

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Purple nike running shorts        White nike tank.jpg             Pink sports bra VS

Purple and pink nike gym duffel.jpg       Adidas running shoes     Nike headband  Nike pink sports bottleForever 21 fanny pack running         

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Training outfit 2

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Nike compression shorts black   Graphic workout tank top    Sports bra green and pink

Gym duffel bag black and gold   Copper puma sneakers training  Fitbit rose gold

EOS pink shimmer lip balm          Beats wireless headphones green   Ello gray water bottle