Outfit #1:

minimalist outfit #1.png

The key is to keep all accessories at a minimum. This ensemble is largely monochromatic with the addition of a nude tote for contrast. The outfit has implications of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s; it is elegant, yet sufficiently comfortable for airport travel. Pair a LBD with flats and a jacket and you will be ready to board.

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express-dress-e1499661004457.jpg        Black jacket   tote       coco-chanel.jpg     black-flats1.jpg


Outfit #2:

minimalist outfit #2

Minimalist outfits do not always have to be monochromatic. Feel free to play with neutrals, mixing and matching these. Pair a comfortable jumpsuit with sandals and a bomber jacket for a simple and chic outfit. Wearing heels at the airport can be irritating if these are uncomfortable to stand in and/or if you are expecting to run across the airport because you are late for your flight. Otherwise, it is convenient to wear your chunkiest pair of shoes on your flight. Besides, most of the time you will be sitting in the airplane or in the airport while waiting for your flight. However, you can opt for camel flat sandals with this outfit if you rather not travel in heels. Sole Society’s Mason travel satchel in black featured with this ensemble adds function and style and makes for an ideal carry-on. The satchel has a separate compartment for shoes or items you wish to remain apart from the rest of the contents within the bag. As with other minimalist outfits, accessories are kept simple. If you wish to accessorize with jewelry, sport dainty pieces.

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jumpsuit-2.jpg Olive jacket   montana_camel  mason_black sole society    studs black    Sunglasses black


Outfit #3:


minimalist outfit #3

Minimalism is not characterized by an explosion  of color; it is typically a combination of neutral tones. Feel free to mix neutrals and incorporate some color while maintaining a clean palette. Pair black jeggings, a sage flowy cami, and a pale pink jacket. Finish the look with a black backpack, cut-out booties, and oversized sunglasses. If you choose to incorporate a variety of colors, maintain accessories simple and colors subdued.

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Cami green    black jeggings    Dusty pink jacket

French connection backpack         cut out boots


Topshop sunglasses